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PoGoSniper Pro: Full Guide

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Hello, Snipers!

Welcome to the easiest guide on the internet. In this tutorial we’re going to help you set up your PoGoSniper Pro so you can start sniping immediately. We’re taking you through the software step by step so you’ll understand everything you need to understand to survive the Pokémon battefield.

Initial Setup                

The very first step we’re going to take is doubleclicking on the PoGoSniper executable (PoGoSniper.exe). This opens the software. Once open, the software will ask for your personal API key. You receive this API key after officially donating on the PokeSnipers Donate Page. Please note that on the very last page in the donation process, your API key will show up. Closed the page? No worries, you will also receive an email with your personal API key.

2016-08-25 15_47_21-Settings

Enter your API key and click ‘accept’.  In the bottom left corner of the application you’ll see a button called ‘Add Account’. Click on that.

2016-08-25 15_50_42-Jump List for Notepad++

Adding a new Sniper2016-08-25 15_48_40-Settings

We’re here! This is where the real work starts.

Once you’ve clicked the “Add Account” button, you’ll see four windows: ‘General’, ‘Farming’, ‘Pokemon’ and ‘Account Safety’.  We’re starting with ‘General’.

First you need to choose how you want to log in. You can either log in with a Google account or a ‘ptc’-account. (Ptc stands for Pokemon Trading Club). Fill in your email/username and your password and you’re good to go. That was easy, wasn’t it?

After that we’re going to the Proxies. If you don’t know what a Proxy is, don’t worry. You can read all about it here or just ignore them alltogether. We do seriously suggest you use proxies in PoGoSniper Pro, it’s much easier to stay safe that way.

With a Proxy, Niantic can’t actually see you’re using more than just one account. Isn’t that convenient? A Proxy is not required for you to set up an account but it is definitely recommended if you do not want to get banned.  You do have to buy a Proxy or find one online. PokeSnipers does not provide proxies but that’s coming.

You fill in your Proxy like this http://ip:port. Underneath the proxy URL field, there are proxy authentication fields which you’ll only need if your proxy requires a username/password. If you were not specifically told to use those, ignore these fields.

Moving on to the next window: ‘Farming’.2016-08-25 15_54_14-Settings

Farming is another word for searching for pokeballs in the area and collecting them. You need pokeballs to catch Pokemon. That was lesson one, guys.

The first thing you’ve got to do is fill in your location from which you play regularly, like your home or some other location close to you. If you don’t know your exact location, you can easily discover this by opening filling in your address on this site. Once you’ve done that and clicked “find”, copy the latitude and the longitude to your application. You can keep the altitude at 10 which is a safe and unimportant number.

After setting up your location, you’re going to personalize your bot. You can choose when your bot starts searching for pokeballs. This can be zero, but this can also be ten or fifteen or whatever number you want. That way, you always have a minimum amount of pokeballs. You can also choose at which amount to stop farming pokeballs, so you can go back to sniping again. This can be as high or as low as you want it to be. Remember that when your bot is farming, it is not sniping. So choose and configure wisely. You can also decide at what speed your bot is ‘walking’. Again you can totally configure this the way you like, but it is recommended to stay at 10 km/h or lower to avoid a ban. At last you can choose to teleport instead of walking. This is optional. Teleportation is faster, but it also gives you a way higher risk of getting caught. I guess Niantic is also determined to catch them all.  

Lastly we have a window called ‘Pokemon’.2016-08-25 15_54_24-Settings

At the section of this screen you can set your requirements your bot has to fulfill when catching Pokemon. First you choose your minimum CP, CP stands for Combat Power, easily said: the strength or your Pokemon. This can be as high or as low as you want it to be. Setting it very high makes it harder to find Pokemon, setting it very low makes it easy, but your Pokemon will also be weaker. Then you can choose your minimum IV your pokemon has to have. Again, you can set this the way you like.

There’s also this checkbox which says ‘Require both on a pokemon to ignore’.  When you check this, a Pokemon has to be below both CP and IV for it to be ignored. If you don’t check this box, the bot will ignore a Pokemon if the CP is too low or if the IV is too low. Please make sure you read this part twice, it’s not the simplest thing to understand and it is very important.

Underneath these settings you will see the options for a blacklist or a whitelist. A blacklist is the list with Pokemon you absolutely don’t want to snipe, and a whitelist is the list with the Pokemon you do want to snipe. All 151 Pokemon are already listed in the box below. You can choose to clear  the whole box, add Pokemon or remove Pokemon. You remove a Pokemon from the list by clicking on it and then pressing “remove”. So if you want all the Pokemon, you either choose the whitelist and include all the Pokemon, or choose the blacklist and clear the whole box.

On to the very last window: ‘Account Safety’.2016-08-25 15_54_33-Settings

If you’ve created a custom device.xml file you can the ‘Select Device Info’  button to use that for this account. If you don’t have a custom device.xml file, ignore this setting.

Setting up a custom Device.xml isn’t the easiest thing in the world and we’re going to be writing a seperate guide on that. For now you can use the default device.xml file.

Then there’s the “delays” setting. The delays setting is easy. You choose how many milliseconds you want to wait between each snipe. This is totally up to you, but please consider that when you have a few milliseconds, the risks of being caught and banned are higher. About five to seven seconds (5000-7000 milliseconds) are recommended.

A way of reducing the chances of being banned is to order your bot to stop after either a amount of caught Pokemon or after the bot has run for a while. These settings are optional but again, recommended. You can also set both options and your bot will stop either after the maximum amount of Pokemon caught or maximum time sniped.

When you are done and satisfied with all your settings and demands, you click the ‘Add Sniper’ button in the bottom right and you’re done setting up your account!

You can edit your  settings by selecting your account and clicking ‘Sniper Settings’ in the bottom right.

2016-08-25 15_56_05-Settings

Shared Settings

In the bar at the bottom of the application, you see a button called ‘Shared Settings’. This button gives you access to ‘scout accounts’. This is something that reduces your chances of getting banned even more.

Scout accounts are basically ‘extra’ accounts, which aren’t really valuable. They go out and check if there really is any Pokemon which meets your impossibly high standards. If there is, it will report back to your main account. Your main account will then teleport to that location and catch the higly wanted Pokemon for you to add to your collection. If the found Pokemon doesn’t meet your high standards, because it’s a fat, unlikable Pokemon who keeps disappointing its father by getting low grades, it will just ignore the Pokemon. This way your main account will call for less data, which means it isn’t as ‘active’ as your extra account, so you’re less likely to get banned. There aren’t supposed to be any Pokemon on your extra account, so when this extra account gets banned, you might lose it, but you won’t lose all your valuable Pokemon you’ve work so hard for to collect. We suggest having scout accounts per main account.

Adding a scout works the exact same way as adding a main sniper so just open the shared settings and click “Add”.

Log & Statistics

When you select one of your accounts, you can see the statistics of that particular account. Once your account has started running, you can see how many Pokemon you’ve caught, how many you’re catching per hour, how many Pokeballs you have and how many berries you have. On the right of that you can see the last Pokemon you caught. Underneath all this you see a log that tells you what the bot is doing and how it’s going. On the right of all this you see a list that will slowly fill up with all the Pokemon you caught. This is pretty basic stuff and most of these stats you can ignore.

Tips & Tricks

We just taught you how to setup your PoGoSniper Pro and you’re good to start sniping. Sometimes the application will show an error and stop working. The bot stops sniping after too many errors to protect your account(s) so don’t get upset when that happens. Here are a few bugs that might occur and what they mean:

“SkipLastField called on an end-group tag, indicating that the corresponding start-group was missing” – This error means your proxy is broken or you’re unable to connect to the Niantic API servers.

Unexpected API response” – You’re IP banned or you’re sending too many API requests on this IP.

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    i just downloaded your tool but i didn´t work. The acc settings are 100% right but if i see a pokemon nothing happens. Where can i enter a location to snipe a pokemon? and maybe, can you tell me how to enter the Proxy settings , cause i have no experience with proxy´s.


    • The locations are fed automatically from This guide does give you information on how to setup your proxies.

  • Just Donated but, i get error message “no connection to could be made. pleae try again later”

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